An Empire Shattered

Valancia, the Silver Empire. In the centuries that followed the short-lived Hazruuli invasion sometimes referred to as The Black Tide, the Valancian Empire restored order to the continent. Humans and lizard folk fought like carrion hounds over the broken corpse of Straathaven. The Sun Queen of Altain, beset by the routed humanoid armies of Hazruul, became like a cornered wolf, lashing out with terrible ferocity, crushing them and then nearly exterminating the Kru tribes on her southern border. Amid the chaos, the ancient Valancian Empire ascended to its place of old. The Knights Argent of Valancia rode forth, bringing peace and order to this world gone mad, and for a time, the world was allowed to heal. 

But human memories are short. As generations passed, the Valancians became discontent with mere stewardship and desired rulership instead. In some parts of the empire, people to whom the Knights Argent had brought peace and safety came to see them as the Emperor's enforcers and rose up against them. In others, the Knights themselves led the people in their break from the empire.

It is amid these shards of empire that our heroes find themselves as our story opens.

Shards of Empire is a hybrid face-to-face and remote game utilizing EpicTable and Google Hangouts. If you're remote:


Shards of Empire

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