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Altain: A kingdom in the arid hills east of Valancia noted for sun worship and superior armor and weaponsmithing utilizing goldsteel, gold with hardness surpassing steel.

Black Tide, the: Name sometimes used for the short-lived Hazruuli invasion of the eastern continent.

Bregathenon: the mountain kingdom of the dwarves. Long-time allies of Valancia, though recently, the relationship has chilled, following a dispute over mining in a the western foothills of the Silent Mountains.

Dremminlor: a mysterious land in the south, effectively isolated by the fierce tribesmen of Kru. Said to be ruled by an inhuman witch king. 

Hazruul, Grand Clerisy of: the dominant power of the western continent, ruled by priests of Acta, her demon son, Orcus, and other dark powers. Invaded the eastern continent hundreds of years ago, but were routed. This short war came to be known, in the east, as The Black Tide.

Knights Argent: an ancient order of knights originating from Valancia, some of whom have in recent years broken away from the empire and fight for the liberation of territories over which they held stewardship after the turmoil left in the wake of the Black Tide.

Kru: Harsh steppe lands south of Altain, ruled by fierce tribesmen. Effectively impassible, it's sometimes called The Wall of Dremminlor, because it isolates Dremminlor in the south.

Straathaven: A ancient city-state within the borders of what was Eroke, sunken into the Great Swamp hundreds of years ago, following the Black Tide.

Valancia, Valancian Empire: An ancient empire spanning more than a thousand years, the Valancian Empire and its Knights Argent are one of the most potent forces for Good in the world.

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