Cycle of Nyreaz

This is a what is written in the pages of the book found in the undertemple. It is written in Celestial runes.

The Nyreaz Cycle
And so it was that when mighty Nyreaz, Commander of the Golden Host, victor of countless battles against the forces of evil was denied rulership of a plane among the Heavens, he became greatly angered. He turned that anger on the enemies of Good, and of his own volition, destroyed the forces of the Twelfth Abyssal Plane and claimed that realm as his own, bequeathing it upon himself on behalf of the righteous gods. When the gods did not celebrate his victory nor welcome him into the ranks of their most exalted ruler-vassals, Nyreaz sought to outshine all those he’d come to consider his lessers. He went to war in earnest taking layer after layer of the Abyss. 

“Behold!” He sang to the gods. “Am I not the mightiest of all your generals?”

And indeed, he was in command of a score of the planes of darkness and torment we know as the Abyss. But for this pittance of basalt, fire, and agonized souls, Nyreaz had paid the immortal lives of millions of the Golden Host. 

When the gods rebuked him and named his victory folly, Nyreaz descended into madness. No longer able to call denizens of the Heavens to his banner, he conscripted demons, devils, and all manner of twisted, evil creatures. For millennia, he waged war across the Lower Realms until, in his arrogance, he challenged Ordig, god of war. 

“Have I not now eclipsed even you, Mighty Ordig?” 

The battle those words sparked ended with Nyreaz a bound and bloodied heap at Ordig’s feet. The gods assembled, and those of Good, whom Nyreaz had once served faithfully, negotiated for mercy. Though perhaps it was to be more torture than mercy, for Nyreaz was stripped of his name, stripped of his great physical might, and banished to live among mortals. 

Yet this was not to be the end of his punishment. For Narhanna, Lady of Fate, believed that even so diminished, Nyreaz was a dangerous and errant strand in the mortal world’s tapestry. She caused her mortal servants to capture and bind him, to hold him for all time. 

We are those servants, and our sacred task is to keep this banished evil apart from the mortal world as long as it shall last.

May Fate guide our path. 


Cycle of Nyreaz

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